Christ Church offers ways to grow in relationships within a supportive and compassionate community. 

Let us help you become a member of Christ Church. We can also help you discover upcoming learning opportunities, 

begin a process to grow in spiritual practices, or go on a retreat weekend.


Conflict in your life? Let Christ's Peacemakers work with you on resolving conflict in your relationships

through resolution based on God's word, the bible. Call the church office to connect

with one of Christ's Peacemakers at Christ Church. Confidentiality ensured.

To register for any of these opportunities, please call the church office at (309) 755-2508.

Starting Point

Rev. Dr. Roger Perry offers a membership inquiry class called "Starting Point" several times throughout the year. 

This session is purely informational and a commitment is not required to attend. 

Come with your questions about the Church, requirements for membership at Christ United Methodist Church, 

or any other inquiries you may have about what goes on here at Christ Church! 

Please call the church office at (309) 755-2508 to let us know if you would like to attend.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

This group meets year round at 9:00am, Tuesday mornings in room #12 at the East Moline Campus. All are welcome!  

The studies vary throughout the year. 

Panera Pals

The Panera Pals bible study group meets at Panera Bakery, Moline at 6am on Thursday mornings. 

If interested in joining, call Steph at 721-5218.