1. Where and when is worship held?

There are three services on Sunday mornings, all of them held in the worship center—located in the A-frame section of the church. The first worship service is traditional and begins at 8:00am, the second service is traditional and begins at 9:15am, and the third service is contemporary and begins at 10:35am.   There is also one Praise and Worship Saturday Evening service at 5:00pm held in the located in the A-frame section of the church.

2. What can I expect when I enter the front doors on Sunday mornings? 

The welcome area is a gathering place where worshipers often greet one another before taking a seat. Check in at the Welcome Center kiosk for additional information about our church, or enjoy some coffee and doughnuts in Fellowship Hall (lower level) before or after the service. Ushers at the door distribute worship programs and help visitors find the nursery, restrooms, or other needed items. 

3. Where do I park? 

There are two lots—a small one on the south side and a larger one on the north. People who park on the south generally enter by the doors on the south east end (education wing) of the building. Those who park on the north side enter by way of Fellowship Hall on the lower level or by way of the northeast doors under the canopy.

4. What do I do with my preschool kids? 

On Sunday mornings and on other arranged occasions, Christ Church provides nursery care for children 0-4 years old. The nursery is located on the upper level in the education wing. Children 5 and older either go to worship or attend the Sunday School program after the 10:35am service begins. 

5. What can I expect in worship? 

There is usually a time of greeting where worship participants stand if able and extend a hand of welcome to one another. No previous experience in a worship service is required, as words to all prayers and songs are projected and clear signals are given for standing and sitting. No one is called upon unexpectedly or singled out. All that is asked of any worship participant is a heart open to the presence and power of God in the spoken word, in the music, and in the gathered community.